Monday, October 26, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend. I did have to work, but it was not bad. On Saturday we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday with a wonderful family dinner, one of our birthday traditions. Then on Sunday a dear friend came over with her wonderful children. It was great to see the kids playing together. They had never met before this weekend, but they really hit it off. I see lifelong friendships in their future.

I also had a wonderful time, it is great (and rare in my experience) when you connect with someone. I am sure you know the feeling when you have a friend that you don't even have to say much you just understand each other. It is almost as if you can communicate without words, even through long distances. A rare friendship indeed, I dare say sisterhood.

I had a rough week last week, but as I woke up on Sunday morning I knew that it was the beginning of things getting back on track. So far so good. This week my dear husband will be home a little more so he will be able to spend more time with us, which of course I am excited about, as it is long overdue.

I am definitely feeling that there is a change in the air, and things are going to be good!

This has got to be a fabulous week , it is Halloween week, my absolute favorite holiday!!!!!


  1. Wow, lol, everything is wonderful! May it last a long time and may you enjoy every second of it.

  2. Thank you so much Mon. I am hoping that this is a new beginning...