Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crazy BUsy Day

Today is going to be insane. Now I am running dishwasher, about to go and hang clothes out on the line, I just finished making lots of lists of things that need to be done while I am gone for the day, and I just used Google Maps to find directions to somewhere I need to go later. Whew!!!!

Next I have to get ready to go to work, them when I am done with that so much running around to do.

Well DH had another interview yesterday, it was actually kind of an interview for 2 different jobs, but anyway, it seems that everybody wants to hire him, but they all only want part-time. Of course they all say that he is a great candidate for management but they just do not have anything open at this time. So it seems that he will be working multiple part- time jobs until something opens up. Which that is fine with me, I am just glad he has something to do. The couple of days that he was at home he looked like a lost puppy. He has got to stay busy at all times, he is not very good at relaxing.

So today/tonight after I get off work I get to go celebrate my BFF's birthday. It should be a blast, she has been kind of down lately, so I hope that all of us girls can snap her out of it.

My son (15) has been doing MMA stuff for a little while and really seems to enjoy it. I really hate violence and fighting, but he loves it and is good at it, and they teach them not to use it on the streets, it is only for use within the ring. He firmly believes this so I guess it is OK. All of his life he has never asked for much so he should be allowed to do something he enjoys.

My dear middle child (5) got to go to a book fair at school yesterday and brought home more books for us to read at night. She brought home a "chapter" book about fairies that we started reading last night. There I was reading a story to all 3 lovely children, yes even my 15 year old son, I guess there are some things that you never grow out of. My baby girl (4) says she has a fairy of her own who protects her, her name is Woosa. So, needless to say she was very into a story about a girl who gets her own fairy.

Well, i have got to continue on my mad rush to start this day. Hope it is full of great things.

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