Monday, October 5, 2009


It was a crazy busy weekend. I had a lot of fun celebrating with my friends for Angela's birthday. I did not get near as much stuff done around the house as I needed to, but hopefully I will accomplish something today.

I have been reading lots of posts from others about homeschooling, this is something that I have thought about many times over the years. I have done pre-school at home with all of my kids, but then it has been off to school. For the most part it has been an OK experience, although I do have to admit the public school system does not do much in the way of working on the individual, but I guess they can't when they have so many kids. My youngest child, who will be starting school next year is the one I am the most concerned with. She is very bright but also gets bored easy, I am concerned that in a classroom full of a sorts of kids she may get bored as she waits on everybody else, then she may begin to entertain herself, and this in turn may be looked at as disruptive behavior. I understand this but I also want her to be comfortable with who she is and not feel any pressure to conform. His leads to my dilemma, however I do have the rest of the year to ponder.

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