Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One Proud Mama!

Creativity, even when it is raining outside she can always find something to do!

The finished masterpiece.

My kids have always loved using their imaginations. If you give them a choice of things to play with most of the time they will choose the one that seems like nothing over the actual toy. They seem to have the best time when they have to use their brains and be creative. Boxes, cups, sticks, leaves it really makes no difference it is just a matter of whatever strikes their fancy on that particular day.

It makes me unbelievably proud to have children like this, children who appreciate the little things.

I am one proud mama!


  1. I know, my husband and I continually turn to each other after watching our kids make something amazing out of things they find around the house and say 'who needs toys???' Everything's a toy when you are a kid...

  2. I love it, I really do feel proud that they are that creative.