Monday, October 12, 2009

Reflections From The Weekend

What a weekend!
It was full of the usual things of course, but there were also many other things.
My life lately has been chaotic, I have been fine with that but, the other members of my family have not been dealing as well. About a month ago my husband lost his job and now in an attempt to make ends meet is now working 2 part-time jobs, still less money but I think that it is enough. I really do not give much thought to money, but I suppose that to some extent we do need it. My dear hubs however is having quite the hard time dealing with all of this, although I do not think that it has much to do with the current situation, I think that there are many underlying things that he needs to deal with and let go of, then he will be able to be able to move on and be happy.

My darling middle child, who has just started kindergarten, is having a difficult time right now. I am trying to get to the bottom of all of the issues but she tends to put up a wall and can be hard to break through, she has been that way since birth. Deep down I know I wanted to homeschool/unschool, but it just does not seem like the right time. Where we live tends to have a very focused thought when it comes to religion and spirituality and part of that thought is that if you do not believe exactly what "everyone" else does then you are wrong and will "burn in hell". Well, my poor child had her first dealings with this, only in kindergarten mind you and it is a public school (separation of church and state...ha). She is such a sensitive child so it has affected her deeply. We are a spiritual family I am not sure what label we would fit under because I am not a big believer in labels, but she should not have to feel bad about our beliefs. She is out of school for the next couple of days so I hope I can come up with a way to give her some peace with the situation.

I also met with a dear friend who I have not seen in years, who has recently moved back here. It was wonderful to begin to catch up with her. She is also an astrologer so we decided to do some looking into the charts of the members of my family to see if there was anything that may help. It was very enlightening, of course most of it I knew already, but I did get some insight into how to deal with some of the difficulties that have been happening.

I know things are on there way to getting better, even if the rest of my family cannot see it yet, I can see it and things are going to be wonderful we just all have to finish learning this life lesson that is being presented to us.

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