Monday, November 16, 2009


I have found myself wondering why am I now experiencing things in the way that I am. I have found it easier to see the reasons behind things, even difficult things. I have found myself more easily slipping into a meditative state, I have felt deeper connections to people than I have ever felt before. I have felt an overwhelming urge to do what I can to help others and make this world a better place.

I believe that I have always felt this way but it was buried. It seems to have been set free and there is no holding back now. Maybe it is a combination of so many life/karmic lessons being learned in such a short amount of time, or maybe it was simply my time. It could be as simple as I was ready to accept it. Many times in life we find ourselves closed off in a way, and it is not until we are open to acceptance that we could receive it.

I am finally in a place in life that even when bad things happen I can step away and realize that there is something to take away from it, a lesson to be learned. This is not always an easy place to be. There have been many times that I would be accepting of some particular situation that had fallen upon our family but say for instance my husband was not, he would tend to get angry. He could not understand why I was not upset and something about it would make him upset. He is learning to adjust and I hope that he is becoming more accepting as well.

It seems that this is a time of great transformation for many of us, possibly for all if we are willing and open. How could you go wrong with trying to see the positive in things? What harm could it do? There are many lessons to be learned in our lives and our time on this planet, if they are not learned then they will repeat. If we want to find true happiness then we must be willing to examine our lives and see everything as an opportunity for growth.

We are all capable of healing ourselves as well as healing others, we just have to be open and willing to accept others. Once we allow our selves to be open to receive the universe will guide us to what we need to heal and to begin to heal others as well.

I will close with a phrase that I have found myself drawn to lately...
Love and Light

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