Saturday, November 14, 2009


Before you continue reading I want to let you know that this may not be the most positive of posts. I am normally a very positive person, but everything is beginning to take its toll. I will try not to get to depressing.

All day I have just felt alone. I am not sure why, I know I have many people there for me, but today it just did not seem that way. My husband is ALWAYS at work. He is working two jobs and still not making the same amount of money that he was before. I am not one to care to much about money but we must have enough to live off of, and at times I am not sure that there is enough.

I love my children, but sometimes I would really like to have some time to myself. I have absolutely no time for myself, and with the hubs working all the time I sometimes feel like a single mom. It would probably not be so bad if there were not so much going on all at once.

As I am writing this I am realizing that I would not want to read it so I am going to switch gears.

My brain is not functioning the way it used to, it is as if it is on overload. I am having great difficulty focusing and dealing with everyday things.

There are moments of peace, almost daily. I cherish those moments. My youngest will just do something that is so sweet that it almost brings a tear to my eye, or her sister can read me a short story and is so proud of herself, those are the things that get me through my day. My oldest son, he seems like an adult already, I feel so proud.

I am glad that I started writing this because it led me in a good direction, it helped me to remember the good things that I have.

It is all about where to put your focus, it is a choice. Anyone could see their life as sad, in much the same way anyone can see their life as great. It is a simple matter of choice.

I choose great.

I have 3 wonderful children.

I have a gret husband who is willing to work as much as he has to in order to provide for his family.

I have the greatest friends in the whole world, I know that they are there for me even though I do not always take advantage of their offer.

There are so many things to be thankful for, take time each day to remember.

Love to all...


  1. There's certainly a good deal that I relate to here, (a husband who is always working for instance, needing time to yourself).

    You're so right that much of how we feel is what we focus on - where we dwell in our heads. Some days can be very challenging in trying to look at the positives, whereas at other times, nothing has changed but it's easier to feel blessed. Some days we just feel completely, devastatingly alone.

    So thanks for this CHYM. You remind me that we're never alone in how we feel, and that we can turn around and find some good soulful things right there under our noses.

  2. Always here for you. Been isolated today as well. Doing research for myself and a friend. Thank you for your wonderful gift of insight and sharing the wisdom of your experiences. Call anytime!
    Love and Light,
    Misty LaRaine(your spirit sis)

  3. I am glad this was understood for some, I really felt the need to get it out there.

    Nettles- I am glad it helped you, many of your posts have helped me.

    Misty- Love, I have missed you. We have got to do a better job of keeping in touch.

  4. Thank you for posting this CHYM. That gear shift that you managed half way through your post was admirable. So often I set out to write a post which starts to take on a negative vibe and I give up and just don't post. In future I think I'll persevere with it and find my way to a more positive place.

  5. Thank you for leaving your thoughts. This changing to a positive place has become my new way of life, it is what is helping me get through tough times. I almost did not post, but as I was writing I felt a shift and I knew I needed to post it so that others may feel the same shift.