Sunday, November 15, 2009


The most important thing we can do while occupy space on this planet is LOVE. We must share this love with everyone even when it seems difficult, especially when it seems difficult. When life seems to be throwing stones at you, take time to do something loving for someone else. It will not only take your mind off of the difficulties you are facing but it will raise your vibration.

We all have difficulties to overcome and at times they can seem overwhelming, that is the precise moment that we can take control of our own lives. When it seems that things cannot get any worse take time and focus positive energy on someone else. Even the smallest of things can mean a great deal to another. Never feel as if you cannot make a difference, you are the only one who can make a difference. We are all individuals but we are all connected as one. When one of us makes the choiceto do something positive it sends out a vibration that is felt by all others and for that brief moment all is well. The more of us who make this choice the more moment of peace we can all experience.

Take time each day to let those close to you know that you care and that you are there for them. When they are struggling, let them know that you are there with them in their struggles, and you will tale on the responsibility of doing something no matter how small to help increase the positive energy and vibration all around so that they may feel peace.

Let us all take a moment to feel the warmth and beauty of the Light that is everywhere and embrace it...

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