Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Sometimes in life we are put in very unpleasant situations. Sometimes these are in dealing with members of our own families, as with everything in life there are lessons to be learned.

It seems that when we are faced with extreme negativity the universe is forcing us to look at some aspect of ourselves that needs immediate attention. It is as if the universe is screaming at us.

People say hurtful things to one another, try to avoid the temptation to snap back when this happens. Remember that anger is a very powerful emotion with very powerful energy associated with it, try to use it in a more positive way.

Look at your own life and how you are living it, if you know that it is for good, then does it really matter what others say about you. Live your life with service to others as your focus, and try not to worry to much about those who do not understand why you make the decisions that you make.

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  1. Great advice!

    I just made my way here tonight, and see that we visit so many of the same spaces!

    I look forward to reading more here!

    Nice to *meet* you...