Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here we are again....

The universe is definitely trying to tell me something. I am once again a SAHM and it was not really by choice. I have spent the past week or so going through a series of emotions, from sad to pissed off to down right angry. I am beginning to have some moments of clarity now. I began to realize today that there have been elements of myself that I have once again forgotten in the craziness that is life. Instead of focusing on the negative and feeling sorry for myself and wondering what happens now I am going to focus on myself and my family and make the best of the situation and hopefully find myself having moments where I am wondering *with excitement* what happens now, what is out there waiting for me. I know I have great things to offer and to share with this universe and all of it's inhabitants. I hope the universe has some great and wonderful things to share with me as well.

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